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Find out more about the Festival and the Svet Agency

ORTIGIA CONTEMPORANEA is the first international contemporary art festival in Sicily.

Born from the desire to promote contemporary art, the festival takes shape in Ortigia, the historic center of the city of Siracusa, among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, rich in history, monuments, archaeological sites and baroque architecture, from 17 to 30 June 2024.


The Festival, in this first edition, aims to offer visitors an art experience that is contemporary, enriching the cultural offering of the area.

The main event is the collective exhibition spread over various spaces on the island, entitled “Story yet to be told”, entrusted to the curator Domenico de Chirico, in collaboration with Eleonora Angiolini.

The curators' proposal is formulated on the basis of the very characteristic morphology of the magnificent host municipal spaces and presents itself as highly open and heterogeneous, both in terms of geographical origin and with respect to the artistic media used by the twenty invited artists (painting, photography, video, sculpture , installation, performance).


Collaterally, to enrich the last two weeks of June, a schedule of free events involving the local protagonists of contemporary art: openings at the Ortigia galleries, two live music performances and a public talk program designed in concert with MADE – Rosario Gagliardi Academy of Fine Arts of Siracusa -, in whose spaces we will discuss the role of contemporary art in Sicily.


With the patronage of the Municipality of Siracusa and the Sicilian Region, the project, conceived and produced by SVET AGENCY, was made possible thanks to the support of private sponsors.


SVET AGENCY is the production agency behind the ORTIGIA CONTEMPORANEA festival which stands out for its ability in planning and organizing high profile artistic events, ensuring that every detail is taken care of with precision and attention, in order to thus ensure an experience cultural significance for artists and visitors.

Combining refined artistic sensibility with effective logistical management, SVET AGENCY expertly curated every aspect of the festival.

Their vision for ORTIGIA CONTEMPORANEA is not linked only to the promotion of national and international contemporary art, but has the final aim of illuminating the darkness of the search for artistic conjunction and offering a key to transform it into art, thus raising the vibrations of the universe .



The project was also made possible thanks to the support of:

Primo Marella Gallery, Milano / Noire Gallery, Torino / Paola Sosio Contemporary Art, Milano / RIBOT Gallery, Milano / Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milano / L.U.P.O. - Lorenzelli Projects, Milano /  ABC ARTE: Galleria d'arte Contemporanea Genova Milano in collaborazione con l’Archivio Nanni Valentini / Harlan Levey Projects, Brussels /  Martina Simeti, Milano /  Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, Mumbai /  Galleria Giorgio Persano, Torino e Rolando Anselmi, Roma. 

ortigia contemporanea '24


Buy now your ticket for the exhibition 'Story yet to be told' at our online ticket office on DICE

Ortigia Contemporanea
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