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Giulia Messina (Milan, 1998) 

Giulia Messina lives and works in Brussels (BE), she is the first and only artist making paintings using water-based markers globally. Specialised in table sets, she is currently the number one artist dealing with table setspost events which are called “performative parties". By performative, it is not intended to mean a performance per se, rather an activation of the table by the guests. Indeed, each art-piece is preceded by a participatory situation in which Messina embodies the role of a caringhost: she prepares a homemade feast, a banquet installation, with interactive food and objects, which are offerings to her guests, willing participants, to play with and add to. During the event, Giulia documents the interactions between the guests and the table and transposes her observations in her art.


Solo exhibitions:2024: “The Fool's Dream” at Nino Mier Gallery, Los Angeles (USA);2023; “I paint outside the lines” curated by Thom Ooster  at Candid House Project, London (UK), Narcissus Abduction”, at Martos Gallery, New York City (USA), “Tricky Flavour” at Garten, Como (IT).


Selected group exhibitions:2023: Group show at The Armory Show with Nino Mier Gallery, New York (USA), “Woman Wears Daily”, curated by Stems Gallery at Volery Gallery, Dubai (UAE);2022: Drawing Jam residency, invited by Carl Kostyal, Crotone (IT), “Through a looking glass, darkly”, Carl Kostyal, Milano (IT), curated by Katharine KostyalSpirit, “Notre dame du marché”, Jodoigne (BE), curated by Artus Mundi,“Salon/Salon/Salon”, Komplot, Brussels (BE), “Roomies”, Jam Hotel, Brussels (BE), curated by Vincent Vanden Bogaard and Xavier Gandon;2021: “Vilain hote”, Château de Thozée, Mettet (BE), “Pick Clique”, Como Contemporamea, Como (IT), “Le fou sauvage”, SB34 The Pool, Brussels (BE) curated by Jacopo PaginOpen, “Botanique”, Brussels (BE), “Kavod”, online exhibition on Demain Belgium, curated by Emanuelle Indekeu;2018:  “Incontrando Sofia”, National Academy of Arts Sofia, (BU).

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