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27.06 | 18:00

Galleria Labò | Via Maestranza 35

Evento Gratuito

No Sense di Giuseppe Piccione e Giacomo Lo Verso

As part of the Ortigia Contemporanea Festival starting from 17 June 2024, LABO Open Space located in via Maestranza hosts the No Sense exhibition, a complex installation that sees the works of Giuseppe Piccione and Giacomo Lo Verso are the protagonists.

No Sense is configured as a multisensory experience through a video installation in which the visitor is offered an evocative non-dialogue, involving the faces of subjects from ever-changing and changing traits. The sounds that accompany the projection result from the overlapping of key words from our contemporary context, ronounced in different and connected languages in a Dadaist echo operation entrusted to artificial intelligence, creating a game of meanings and linguistic contaminations.

On the one hand, the plastic reinterpretation of the majestic Sicilian baroque masks by Lo Verso, on the other, the evocative faces of the Behind the mask series by Piccione, conceived during the pandemic period, they highlight the theme of diversity, of contradiction intrinsic to the misunderstanding and the continuous interconnection between the past and present.

The mask, which in ancient culture was a symbol of apotropaism and protection, and in the theatre expression of emotions, then becomes evidence of social status and today of approval, continuing to have its strong function as a signifier.

The evocative atmosphere of this installation almost seems to create a new Tower of Babel, whose etymology from the Hebrew verb "balal" which means "to confuse", becomes a legendary symbol of the original human unity and the subsequent fragmentation triggered by pride and

from ambition with all their consequences.

This combination of tradition and contemporaneity creates a scenario that invites the visitor to reflect on the many facets of the human condition and current society, bringing order to chaos and opening the doors to new perspectives of experimentation.

Critical text by Federica Bordone

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