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28.06 | 17:00

Antico Mercato

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Yog Art w/ Marta Massara | creative vinyasa flow e pranayama

Marta Massara is a certified teacher of vinyasa yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. The yoga practice helps us connect deeply with ourselves, bringing greater clarity and mental presence. Through a physical practice connected to the breath we activate new energy and relax the mind.

The idea of Yog Art stems from her previous work experience in the art world ( Cardi Gallery, Istanbul Biennale, Flash Art still in progress) curator and founder of the project.( @mmarta.mas - format_yogart)

The encounter between Yoga and Art was very natural, there is indeed a beautiful synergy in common. Practising in places of art, inspiring an artist's practice has profound aspects.

Besides the context, the colours, the texture of certain works can influence our perception and act on an unconscious level. The artist investigates and explores his or her feeling, so the yoga practice in its quest consciously directs our feeling for a deeper listening.Awareness leads us to live and savour the present moment.

Also during Ortigia Contemporanea Festival, yoga practices will be inspired by the thoughts of the artists participating in the exhibition Story yet to be told. A special opportunity to practice yoga, connect and explore the works in the exhibition. Each yoga practice will be accompanied by a tour of the selected work.

The project has been hosted in several galleries and foundations including, Woolbridge Gallery, Fondazione Pistoletto Cittadellarte, Terzo Paradiso Official, Yogafestival Milano, A Pick Gallery Torino, Un Fair 23-24, Borderline Art Festival Varallo Sesia, C+N Gallery Canepaneri Genova - Milano, Galleria Cardi Milan - London, Events with Let's it Art - from the painting to the plate.

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